Babies have the strength to be born.  That’s why a natural birth is the best way.  
For babies, the first sense of achievement will become confidence for life.
— Fujie Sakamoto, a Midwife of 70 years


The Whole Package

     Midwives care for you throughout your whole pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum!  This is called continuity of care.  Through your pregnancy & birth journey, we learn about each other and build a trusting bond.  We understand that birth is a normal life event and trust the body's physiological process.  This has been found to decrease labor time as well as any unnecessary interventions.  We also understand the importance and the needs for women after giving birth and we like to take care of you & your baby during the first six weeks.  We ask for you to come to your prenatal appointments at the office and we come to your home for your labor, birth and the postpartum!


Energy Exchange

     Thank you for choosing Moon Infusion Midwifery Services.  There are flexible options available to you to make realistic payments.  Please respect the services the midwives provide and honor the monetary exchange with your timely payments.  We see the complete payment as a closure to your birth chapter and is important for all of us to move on to the next chapter in our lives. 


Contact me for financial details.

When the mother is in her authentic power, no matter how that may appear,
her birth is normal, natural and perfect for her.
— Whapio, of The House of La Matrona