It is my honor and joy to assist you, listen to you and hold space for you

as you go through your birth dance.

Photo by JRP

Photo by JRP

About Mieko

     Mieko is a Home Birth Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).  She actively began attending births in 2007 and has gone through years of apprenticeships in Oregon & Oahu to follow her passion to understand the depths of how each birth shapes humanity.  She holds an Associates of Science in Midwifery through the National College of Midwifery.  Midwife Mieko offers holistic and individualized approach to caring for women & babies of Kaua`i. 

     Mieko is also a Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH) who emphasizes in wise women's reproductive well-being & nutrition.  She has been counseling as an intuitive herbalist and making herbal medicine magic remedies since 2003.

     As a Maya Abdominal Care Specialist having trained by a Yucateca Maya Herbalist and Midwife, the late Miss Beatrice Waight of Belize, Mieko continues to uphold the traditional teachings of Maya abdominal & uterine techniques and spiritual healing practices by providing private sessions and educating individuals, pregnant women and doulas with self-care techniques.  

     Mieko is Fluent in Japanese, some Spanish, and enjoys nice food, traditional hula kahiko & photography.


I trust nature and the power of nature.  I trust women's bodies.  We have all been born through a woman.  Women know how to birth.  I respect women's choices.  My job is to guard the spectrum of normal.  If something outside of healthy presents itself, we talk about it.  Even though we may make mutual decisions, the final decision making responsibility does fall upon the mother.  The task of the mother is to live each day happily from the moment she finds out she is pregnant.  The baby is traveling through one hundred million years of cellular growth and changes every week.  When the baby wishes to live a radiant life, it begins labor to be born.  Good posture, good diet, daily movements and happiness are key to a smooth labor, birth and recovery.  The mother has all the strength, wisdom, power and confidence within to push through the hardest and most intense time of her life.  When any challenges arise, she can look at that moment of time and own how she can overcome anything!  We encourage fathers to participate in the only time this child will be born.  They depend on him to witness how his family came to be.  The first two hours postpartum is a crucial and delicate time for the mother & newborn, and we need the father to closely watch them while offering words of appreciation for the task she just accomplished.  The father plays an instinctive role to secure the bonding as a family together as this is the time when the baby is calm and learns who to trust, depend on and believe in for the rest of its life.