Childbirth Education

If you and or your partner want to be as involved as possible, or your grandmother or sister wants to participate, this is a wonderful opportunity to get educated about childbearing.  This is your birth, get informed to make decisions confidently and birth your baby!

WHEN: Classes are held Thursday evenings 7-9pm for a four-part series.  For the focus for everyone attending, we will only allow nursing infants up to one year of age to attend with you.

TOPICS include the holistic stages of labor, labor support tools, birth positions, what to do with the placenta, breastfeeding, the truth about the postpartum period, what are obstetrical procedures, birth kit.

Contact me with any questions or to sign up for class.

Maya Abdominal Work

Values of Receiving Abdominal Care: 

☽ Aligns the uterus to her anatomical position                                                     ☽ Manifests and regulates healthy menstrual cycles                                               ☽ Promotes fertility and good implantation                                                               ☽ Improves blood, lymph, nerve and energy flow                                                   ☽ Assists in good digestive function which strengthens immunity                         ☽ Encourages scar tissue and wound healing                                                         ☽ Supports clear communication between brain and ovaries                                 ☽ Removes organ congestion, stagnation and overload from cellular toxins         ☽ Develops familiarity with your body organs                                                         ☽ Supports optimal functioning of all abdominal organs

Contact me with any questions or for a session.

Herbal Consultation

Herbs are Nurturing Foods!

🌱 Herbs complement to supplement what you are already using to nourish yourself.                                                                                                                    🌱 Herbs aid in the digestive process to breakdown food.                                 🌱 Herbs help circulate essential nutrients throughout the body, thus maximizing mineral absorption into your cells.                                                     🌱 Herbs can create subtle changes in the body which can in turn increase your awareness to any beneficial changes that occur.                                              🌱 Working with herbs often lead us to getting to the root of our issues since we address the source of the signs and symptoms.

Contact me with any questions or for a consultation.

Placenta Preparation

There are several ways to prepare your placenta after birth.  Please ask for further instructions for each.

Lotus: The umbilical cord is left connected to the baby until it dries and separates on its own.  Herbal care for the placenta is needed.    

Raw/Smoothie: Wash and cut a section into small cubes and swallow up to 5 little pieces on the birth day or blend with your favorite ingredients.

Encapsulate: Traditional Chinese Medicine has long made placenta into medicine.  Wash & prepare the placenta, steam with herbs, slice, dehydrate, powder, encapsulate.  Request your placenta to be encapsulated for a fee.

Bury: Many people choose to plant a special tree and place the placenta under it.  Often times this is said to help ground the child onto Earth. 

Contact me with any questions or to have your placenta encapsulated.


Doulas come to assist you in pregnancy or labor or birth or postpartum, whenever you want them to be there for you.  Each doula has their own gifts and parameters so it is good to meet with them to see how it would be a good fit.  They can help with meals, childcare, presence at labor, someone to talk to, postpartum duties and many more.  

Sacred Birthing School, led by Barbara Essman, has been birthing many doulas on Kaua`i island.  

Kaua`i Doulas is also on facebook and is a network where you can find an active doula.