Moon Infusion  ∞ A Reproductive Care Studio
and Ola Moewai Midwifery
Food is Our Medicine!!!

~ Medicinal herbs are great to supplement with in addition to what you are already

   nourishing yourself through eating and hydrating. 

~ Herbs are excellent to flavor and compliment your meals with.

~ They may help maximize mineral absorption into your cells.

~ Herbs aid in the digestive process to breakdown dense food.

~ Herbs help circulate essential nutrients throughout the body.

~ Herbs can create subtle changes in the body which can in turn increase your

   awareness to any beneficial changes that occur.

~ Working with herbs often leads us to getting to the root of our issues since we

   address the source of the signs and symptoms.

~ To use herbs medicinally and most effectively, appropriate application of specific

   herbs for a specific purpose is most supportive in the healing process!

Herbal Medicine ∞ Lā`au Lapa`au ∞ 漢方