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Committee on

WAM- Ways & Means
david ige,, 586-6230
michelle kidani,, 586-7100
suzanne chun oakland,, 586-6130
donnovan dela cruz,, 586-6090
j. kalani english,, 587-7225
will espero,, 586-6360
gilbert kahele,, 586-6760
gilbert s.c. keith-agaran,, 586-7344
ronald kouchi,, 586-6030
russell ruderman,, 586-6890
laura thielen,, 587-8388
jill tokuda,, 587-7215
sam slom,, 586-8420

SB2569, SD1

Senate introduced bill relating to home birth and establishing a homebirth task forth within the Hawai`i department of health.  The task force shall be composed of 19 members (shall include neighbor island representation) to be appointed by the governor no later than July 1, 2014.

3, traditional cultural homebirth practitioners

3, public members who have given birth at home

3, certified professional midwives

3, certified nurse midwives

2, naturopathic homebirth doctors

2, obstetricians

1, neonatologist

1, department of health representative

1, healthcare association of Hawai`i representative (hospitals)

List of Senators on the Committees to which
the bill was assigned...

be Pro-active by

1. Calling/Writing to the Senators assigned to the committee about SB2569, SD1 relating to home birth task force and regulating midwives in the state of Hawaii and vocalize your rights to choose your provider who can openly practice and your choice in where you wish to  birth your baby from your body.
2. Continue to write to our local House of Representatives because after the senate committee do their thing, they will need signatures from the House of Rep to make it law.

House of Representatives:

Here are our representatives!  The reason why you should only speak out to your rep in your district is that the rep is REQUIRED to comment/answer to your complaints!

(Senator Kouchi, District 8 (Kauai, Niihau)-, 586-6030)

Representative Derek Kawakami, District 14 (Hanalei, Princeville, Kilauea, Anahola, Kapaa, Wailua) -, 586-8435

Rep Dee Morikawa, District 16(Niihau, Lehua, Koloa, Waimea) -, 586-6280

Rep James Kunane Tokioka, District 15 (Wailua Homesteads, Hanamaulu, Lihue, Puhi, Koloa, Omao)-, 586-6270

Thank you for standing up to our rights!

The intent of the task force is to make recommendations on:

1. homebirth standards of care that will enhance patient safety & interdisciplinary collaboration

2. licensure requirements for each discipline

3. standards for patient history requirements for homebirths

4. standards for assessment of potential complications during homebirths

5. definition of high risk pregnancies

6. emergency transfer protocols

7. questions regarding informed consent

8. recommendations on liability

9. review of infant and maternal mortality data and pattern in Hawai`i

The bill died in the WAM committee!